Collaborative Painting

I had a wonderful visit with family last week in southern California.
Em with a piece of the Berlin Wall at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library.
I LOVE the graffiti on this piece! 
Can't go to Cali without sticking my feet in the sand!
 Among our many activities we decided to do an evening of painting.

We decided to do four collaborative paintings.

We each took a canvas and painted on it for 5 minutes before passing it along to the next artist.  Nothing the last person did was sacred.  

 We had a great time and learned a lot too!  
Next time we do this we will stop after one round of painting.
Two rounds on the same canvas was too much.  

The paintings were a lot of fun and I hope to have another play date like this with my family here in Utah.  Have you ever made a collaborative painting?


Lynda said…
Lisa, What a neat idea! Never done it but sounds like fun. Reminds me of the ole quilt block round robin.
Thread Born said…
Looks like it was a lot of fun!

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