Creating Woodlands

Queen Bee, Carol R. Eaton, chose a Woodlands theme for The Printed Fabric Bee March theme.  She wanted the hive to explore the woodlands around us on fabric.  I live in the high desert country of the Rocky Mountains in Utah.  Most of the woodlands around here are made up of what is "lovingly" called scrub oak.
It's not as pretty as the big oak trees I remember from back east, as it is more a bush than a tree, and it is not my favorite tree. I decided to search for another tree through my "neighborhood woodland."  We have lots of birch, which are lovely, and there are some gorgeous black walnut trees, and some beautiful Mountain Ash but I kept finding myself drawn to the leaves of the maple tree. 

 I created a stencil with my Silhouette Portrait, and painted it onto the fabric with some color magnet, then did a quick, very diluted dye of chartruese procion dye
Once this was dried I stenciled on several more layers of leaves. . . 
. . .some in green and some in red. . .

. . .until I had a lot of depth.
I wanted the illusion of a pile of leaves, ready to be jumped in!

And now it's time for the monthly giveaway!
Jump over to Carol's blog or our brand new blog for The Printed Fabric Bee and leave a comment to be entered in the giveaway to win 9 hand made gorgeous 6" blocks!
You can visit the other hive member's blogs for a look at how they made their blocks too!

Pokey Bolton

Lesley Riley
Come back next month to see
April's Queen, Jackie Lams, theme of Art Nouveau.


Sylvia said…
I love this piece!

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