Secret Project

Last week the hard drive on my laptop died.
What a sad, sad day that was!
No warning, just kaputt!
You never realize what you have on a computer until it dies!
And this isn't exactly the first time the hard drive has crashed so you would think I would know better and have everything BACKED UP. . .but no I'm just NOT that smart!
Yes, really, I like to make the same mistakes over and over!
Crazy, huh?
But there is good news. . .
. . .nothing is lost!
They were able to completely recover everything on my hard drive!!!
Which is fabulous because I was working on a very important project.
Now I just need to LEARN from this mistake and get everything backed up online!
Here is a little peek at my very important, secret project:
Mister is always helping out in the studio.
He is modeling some felt I cut out with my Silhouette Portrait. . .
. . .and here is a close up of the fabric I designed for my secret project.
I guess I should get back to work and finish writing my pattern!
Oops now you know something else about my secret project.


Lynda said…
So glad you didn't lose anything. I couldn't get felt to cut. Did you use a specific kind?

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