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Queen Bee, Susan Purney Mark
chose The Printed Fabric Bee's theme for last month: 
I was so excited to give this theme a try so I found a number of copyright free images of gears and blue prints and made them into Thermofax screens.  I experimented with them on some hand dyed fuchsia fabric and I LOVED it!  
But these weren't the colors Susan wanted so I used the screen, some Color Magnet, and diluted Dark Chocolate Dye (I mean how can you go wrong with a color like Chocolate?).  But when I overprinted in black and rust I just didn't like the results. Just Meh. Blah.
I had another piece of fabric that was originally a commercial fabric that was mostly white with a bit of green and rust colors.  A few years back I tried to dye it black but I didn't get enough dye solution so I ended up with this - what I considered - VERY UGLY grey fabric.
I started by mixing some grey paint and put a layer of blue print designs down.
It is a design from the 1800's for a railroad bridge.
It gave a very light texture to the fabric.
Next I made the grey lighter and added cogs and gears.
And once that dried I added more cogs and gears with grey and rust.

 I now LOVE this fabric!!!
 It's a good thing I made almost a yard because I don't think I could put it in the mail to Susan if I didn't have some for myself!
And look at my print cloth underneath.
I really love the grunginess of it!

If you would like to win the 6"ish x 6"ish square (pictured above) as well as 8 other fabulous fabrics then go to Susan's blog or The Printed Fabric Bee Blog and leave a comment for a chance to win!

Also, don't forget about the Marked's Stencil Blog Hop still going on.
Click on the above link and leave a comment to be included in the Stencil giveaway!


Jeannie said…
Wow! I love what you created. I liked the first two, a lot. Then I got to the last piece! It is fantastic! The rust color makes it so interest. Just the right amount of zing. You done good, as my Dad would say. :)
Jennifer said…
This fabric is AMAZING! Now I need to visit all of the blogs... but a very happy way to spend some July 4th time. Thank you for the inspiration!!!

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