This was the greatest success I had in the studio this week.
I put an empty tub on the table in hopes that someone would choose to sit there instead of on my project and. . . SUCCESS!

At a recent quilt guild meeting a friend demonstrated this product:
I was so excited to give it a try on a reverse appliqué project.  I followed the directions by putting it under hot water for 3 minutes, shook it for 30 seconds, poked a tiny hole in the top, put the nozzle cap back on and then tried to apply it to the stitching around the parts I wanted to cut out.  The liquid was so THIN that I found it hard to control.  It would drip out as I turned the tube toward the fabric and I would get blobs where I didn't want them to be.  I didn't worry too much because when my friend demonstrated it the liquid didn't show on the fabric once it was dried.
So basically, my first real mistake was not TESTING it on my fabric!
Once the fray block was applied, I cut and cut and cut until my hand ached.
As I cut I noticed areas where the Fray Block was really dark 
(or light as the case may be) from too much product.
I had a really hard time controlling it as I put it on.
In the end the whole quilt doesn't look bad, 
just needed some blocking and a binding but. . .
. . . up close. . .
. . . not so much. . .
It's not the show piece I had hoped for.
Perhaps if I did a lot of embroidery or beading over the top. . . hmmm
I will put it away for now.
I really don't have the energy for it.
So while this quilt is a fail it has taught me a few things:

1. Testing new products is a good idea.
2. Testing new products is a pretty good idea.
3. TESTING new products is ALWAYS a good idea!
So now on to the next project!


Chickpea said…
ARGGG! stuff like that drives me nuts! but still your work is super cool : )
Chickpea said…
ARGGG! stuff like that drives me nuts! but still your work is super cool : )
Unknown said…
Ack, so sorry it didn't go as planned, isn't that annoying?? I LOVE the piece, though, but you're certainly a better judge than me of whether or not it's show-ready. I like the idea of beading and hand stitching, both of which can cover a host of ills!
Lynda said…
Lisa, I love this piece. Adding stitching and beading would look great.
One of my good friends uses Fray Block all the time......she squeezes the liquid into a small container then uses a fine artist brush to apply it exactly where it needs to go. Perhaps that might work for you in the future. BTW - she applies it both before and after the applique edges are exposed.

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