I am participating in the 28 Patterns challenge issued by Balzer Designs.  

 A new pattern everyday and I've been posting them on Instagram (Somethinglisa) and my Facebook page.  If you haven't seen the patterns people are posting you should search #28patterns in whatever social media you follow.  Here are my first 9 patterns:
The first 6 days were patterns I drew with Sharpie markers, except for day 3.  Day 3 (the penguins and whales) started as a drawing and then was enhanced in photoshop.  Days 6 - 9 have all been created with my hand carved stamps.  I created the fish and butterfly last summer and the jellyfish was made today.

I am really enjoying the patterns I've made with the stamps.
The question now is, which stamp do I use next?
Or do I create something new?


Lynda said…
Great results! I vote you create something new! :-)
Thread Born said…
I LOVE working with stamps and the Speedy Carve is just the best! Really love what you've done so far.

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