A New Generation of Quilter

My friend, Korrin, started an avalanche at our house!  She was cleaning out her basement and asked if we would like a beautiful, hardly used, Grace hand quilting frame. I hesitated wondering how much use I would get from it because of my carpel tunnel, but I decided to go for it.  She brought it over and before I knew it my daughter, Ann, was excited to learn to hand quilt!  I put a call out to my quilt group for someone to teach her, as I don't feel confident in my hand quilting skills.  My friend Leigh, who has been my roommate at the Utah State Quilt festival for several years, happily volunteered!  We went to Leigh's house today and she began to teach my daughter to hand quilt:

I hope Ann continues to enjoy this new skill for many years!
Leigh's basenji, Katie, kept watch for us.
 We were not disturbed by any squirrels or birds.

She is so adorable!

I look forward to seeing the beautiful things Ann will create!
Are you a hand quilter?  Do you have any hints or tricks you would like to share with my daughter?


There is nothing like passing on a skill that will provide endless pleasure for all the years to come!
Unknown said…
How wonderful! Would love to see what she creates! And yes, Katie is a cutie

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