My friend, Sylvia, and I decided to split a 100 yard bolt of Mistyfuse.
We are at a quilt retreat right now and finally able to split the bolt.  Our friend Helen helped with this big chore.  Many hands make light work!
This is what 50 yards of hand rolled Mistyfuse looks like.
Isn't it pretty!  It reminded us of cotton candy.
Now here is the crazy part - Sylvia has NEVER used Mistyfuse!
She bought it because I said it was fabulous.  That is a lot of trust!  Well and there are lots of other testimonials of the great product online but mostly it was me. ;)  So I had to show her how to use it.
She is making some leaves for a project and so she cut pieces of Mistyfuse to cover her fabric.
 Took it over to the iron and covered it with my Goddess Sheet.  She has a small sheet, but my bigger one was better for this project.
 A little ironing. . .

. . .and it's fused and ready to go!

We had planned on cutting her leaves with my Silhouette portrait BUT I forgot the fabric blade!  We tried it with the regular blade, which made a big mess, so, sadly. she will have to wait and I will cut her leaves when I get back home.

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Sylvia said…
Having a great time here in downtown Fountain Green with you and Helen! We should do this every year! ;)
Anonymous said…
OH I grumble so when I forget something essential at a retreat! But I always have back up projects, hope you did too. 50 yards is a lot of mistyfuse!
That looks like something I could use for mixed media. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

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