Pie Plates Follow Up

I will often write blog posts in my head as I take photos and then later forget to actually write those blog posts on the actual blog. Such seems to be the case of late!  So I will attempt to catch up on two now.  On the last day of the Pie Plates retreat Bonnie and Brenda always have a big show and tell.  There are always lots of beautiful projects!  I wasn't able to grab photos of them all but this gives you an idea of the talent in this group:

 After show and tell there are lots of fun giveaways.  
Bonnie (center) enlisted the help of her beautiful nieces in giving everyone a prize!

 I won this great stack of fat quarters from Riley Blake!
Hmm, what should I make with them?

And after the retreat, I put my fabric blade in, sprayed a little basting spray onto the fabric to make sure it stuck good to the mat, and cut out Sylvia's leaves!
 Are you impressed with the Silhouette yet, Sylvia?!
I cut a lot more than these but forgot a photo of the stack.
So much easier than cutting by hand!
I've worked on a few other things since the retreat but I'll cover them in their own posts.  
What have you been up to lately?


Sylvia said…
I am sorta impressed. It cut that stencil slick as a whistle. Thanks for your help with my Maple Leaf project! It was a fun retreat!
Unknown said…
I do the same sort of thing... get ideas and talk to myself as if I was posting to the blog and then um.... I forget to post! What a pretty place to retreat! and congrats! I have been looking at the silhouette and the sizzix big something pro! I gotta save my pennies!
What a room full of talented ladies!

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