Falling off the Earth

I thought that once the Reclamation show was set up and off my plate I would be able to take a little time to catch up on blogging, however that doesn't seem to have been the case! If you only follow my blog you might think I have fallen off the earth.  But no, I am still here, working away.
I have been working on getting things together for our guild's dye party in a couple of weeks, as well as putting together a Webinar titled:
The webinar will take place on July 29th.
Then of course there is the job of getting the teens here and there with one planning on moving out within the next couple of weeks.  When you are the parent of toddlers you always think they are going to be easier as teenagers when they can do things for themselves.  That is both true and false.
Anyway. . .
On Saturday, as I was driving my daughter home from work, we came across a yard sale that was closing up.  My daughter found lots of treasures: tea cups, candles, bar stools, a table and chairs all for free.  She was thrilled.  I wasn't going to get out of the van but changed my mind and am very thankful I did as I came across this box of TWENTY TWO 12"x12" stretcher bars.
They were marked $1 each, but the woman did not want anything to do with them anymore, she was DONE.  So she generously gave them all to me!  I now see a series of twenty two 12x12 pieces of art. Specifically 22 art quilts stretched across the bars once complete.
10x10 Challenge as part of USDG's Reclamation show.

This morning the cats woke me up at 4 a.m. because they were hungry.  The hubby usually gets up at that hour and feeds them before he heads to the gym.  I ignored the cats and waited for hubby to get up and feed the babies. As I lay there I remembered something I neglected to do last night, which required an email so I got up and took care of it.  Laying back in bed I started thinking about the lovely stretcher frames I had been given.  What kind of series should I create?  Should each piece be similar?  Should I piece them? Should I fuse them? Should I do a combination? Should I create a triptych? Or something larger?  Oh so many possibilities!  

Feel free to chime in!
What would you do?


Lynda said…
What about trying something you've been wanting to do and do a series? Or just jump in both feet first and do a series of 22. That would really be a challenge!! Congrats! You hit the mother load for sure!
I can totally relate to art brain not letting you go back to sleep! I agree with Lynda - what have you been wanting to do but it was never the right time?!

What might look cool is to think of each square as a pixel and put together a large piece made up of 22 smaller pieces :)

Whatever you decide will be fabulous!

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