What do I Quilt?

My biggest problem in creating quilts - art or traditional - is trying to figure out what to quilt.  I am having this trouble right now with a project so I grabbed my Press'n Seal and ripped off a piece to practice a few designs.
  The Press'n Seal sticks to the fabric, and is easily removed as well.  Using a Sharpie marker, I'm trying out several ideas.
 I can be as messy as I like and try several designs over the top of each other.

 I've practiced on 4 or 5 pieces so far.

And although I'm still not sure what I will quilt, this practicing has given me some ideas that I can now sleep on.  Hopefully I can finish the piece tomorrow and take it with me when I film on Quilting Arts TV next week.


AnneM said…
Cool product - I think I could use that sometimes. I usually use a purple pen but it's a pain to wait for it to disappear. Can you stitch over the press and seal?

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