For Frances

Frances Holliday Alford celebrated a big number birthday this year and asked her Facebook friends to send her a 6" quilted square.  I am pushing the deadline!  Frances was born under the sign of the Rooster and I decided I would create a rooster stencil to put on my block.  I drew the rooster and then used my white pen to create some bridges within the drawing for a stencil.

I imported it into the Silhouette Software and cleaned it up quite a bit before cutting it out of freezer paper.
I wanted a red rooster on a piece of blue moon Gelli® printed fabric.  This was my first time using one of my Liquitex paint markers on fabric.  It was very easy to use!

The paint wasn't as opaque as I had hoped for though.
The rooster just didn't stand out as much as I had hoped.
I could have ironed the stencil back on and painted again with a more opaque paint but I decided to go another direction.
I love this sunflower Gelli® printed fabric.  The sunflowers were a stamp I made with fun foam pressed into the plate.
After ironing the stencil on to the block, I pulled out my white acrylic paint, no fabric medium, and painted away.
Much better.
 After setting the paint with the iron, I quilted around the rooster and trimmed the block to 6" square, then put it in an envelope ready to mail without remembering to take a photo. Oh well, the quilting was done with mono-poly so it really didn't show up anyway.  Happy Birthday Frances!


EmileeHope said…
Pairing your own fabric seems to be a growing trend-may have to give it a try someday!
Bethany Garner said…
What an awesome post Lisa... your talents are many and this post shows clearly how much fun you have along the way. Inspired - and Frances will LOVE this gift!
Mary Marcotte said…
Congrats to you both! You've really figured out how to make the rooster pop against that fabric! Using the white was a stroke of genius!
Vivien Zepf said…
Lovely! Very French-looking to me.
What a difference the color combination makes! I love it!

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