Carving: It's a Dangerous Road

As I was reaching into my box of stamps I almost put my hand on this. . .

That could have been an easy trip to the ER.
Whew.  I am glad I avoided that disaster!  Not sure how my Xacto knife ended up like this as I usually cap it and place it in my pencil box along with my other portable drawing supplies. 

I love these tins.  I have three of them.  One is currently in hiding. They come with gum or candy in them and when emptied they are the perfect size for pens and pencils.  I've only seen them on the shelves during the holidays so it's a great time to keep a look out for them.


Beverly said…
Glad you didn't slice your hand open! I've been enjoying watching you create stamps, you've done some awesome ones!
Lynda said…
OMG! Lisa, I'm sure glad you didn't get hurt. That's one of the reasons I stay away from carving!! Love those tins. I've never seen them. Think I'll go see if I can find a couple this week. Really am enjoying your stamp carving journey.

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