Flower Heart 2

Here is the negative carving of the Flower Heart from yesterday.
I like it.

And rather than do an exact transfer, 
I eyeballed the two flower hearts.
This is what happens when you eyeball.

Oh well.  
This just means I will need to make each of them a mate!


Unknown said…
Hi Lisa...

I have so many things on the list to do, and the Holiday season keeps us all busy, but I wanted you to know how much I have enjoyed watching along with your print experiments..Thank you so much for the inspiration and the wonderful prints you have shared.
I would like to see a post some day with some hints you might pass along for carving and the material/tools you use. Might be on your blog somewhere - so I will pop on over and search the archives.
Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year!
SAQA Rep in Central Canada

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