Demo Derby

This months meeting at the Utah Surface Design Group was wonderful!  We had three demonstrations, each one just as wonderful as the last.  I got wrapped up in the first demonstration and forgot to pull out my camera until it was over.  I hate when I do that!

Sally taught us how to make glue gun stencils and masks to use with painting and mono-printing.  These are a few glue gun stencils I made in the past, but I plan to make more especially because of three great tips Sally gave:
1.  Use a glue gun with a very small tip to get lovely fine lines.  The one she recommended is from Ad Tech and can be used cool or hot.  It can also be used without the cord for about 5 minutes!
2. Once you draw out your design place a piece of parchment paper or a teflon craft sheet over the top of the creation to flatten the design.  A flat image is much easier to use as a mask!
3. Little blobs or circles of glue can be painted with nail polish and then glued on to a card to create a lovely little embellishment.

Next Katherine showed us how to create crinkled silk and polyester fabric using Shibori tying.  The scarves she showed were so beautiful!  The two things to remember from her demo were:
1. Silk should be steamed for 40 minutes and
2. Polyester should be boiled for 40 minutes.

Last, but not least, Timmy and Mimi showed us how to create beautiful pieces of fabric using a silk tie transfer.

They made a sandwich of a muslin cloth, followed by silk, followed by a collage of cut up pieces of pure silk ties, followed by another piece of silk and another piece of muslin.  These layers are rolled up night and tight, wrapped with string and then boiled to allow the dyes to transfer.  The resulting pieces of fabric are gorgeous!


Sylvia said…
Looks like fun!
Lynda said…
Love the glue gun masks! Sounds like something I need to try. You know I love the silk tie transfer technique! Great group. Thanks for the inspiration.

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