Watching Frances Film

Frances Holliday Alford and I have been friends online for some time and so it was wonderful when we were finally able to meet in person.  Frances came to Utah to shoot an episode for QNN tv's Quilt it: The Long Arm Quilting Show, and do some promotional shots for Handi Quilter.  We had a day of touring Salt Lake and then a day where I got to watch everything behind the scenes.

Overlooking the Salt Lake Valley with a bit of haze

Some of the deer population at the Salt Lake Cemetery
A possible relative of Frances' buried here?
We drove around the upper half of the valley, visiting a few cemeteries, and the University of Utah.  We ate lunch at the City Creek Center, did a little shopping and then took a tour of The Beehive House, before meeting up with other quilters for dinner.  It was a delightful day.

Frances had her moment as a model for Handi Quilter the next day.  

Look for her in magazines and advertisements everywhere!

I really enjoy being behind the scenes when filming is happening, 
because I love seeing how things work!

Watching Heidi film with host, Jodie Davis
Marie Eldridge is getting the Sweet 16 set up for Frances.
Marie and Jodie setting up for their clip about the new Simply Sixteen.


Lynda said…
So cool! Neat to be able to spend the day with Frances but also watching the filming. Fun! Thanks for showing us a bit of your time together.
bybethstudio said…
Love the peek at behind the scenes and the photo shoot. Frances is a wonderful ambassador for HQ Sweet Sixteen.
Frances said…
Thanks for a great day, Lisa. It was such a treat to finally become flesh friends rather than the cyber sort.

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