Prayer Flags

I had the opportunity to do a trunk show and teach about prayer flags at the Greater Salt Lake Quilt Guild Meeting this month.  The quilt I am holding is my first hand pieced, hand quilted piece made about 25 years ago.  It is yet to be finished.  Maybe someday I will feel the need.

I did a lot of applique before I discovered art quilting.

After the trunk show I told the ladies all about prayer quilts and then gave them each a flag to embroider.  Some of the flags had images I stamped on them from my hand carved stamps.  

These ladies are so talented!  
I encouraged them to hang the flags in their yard or give them to someone in need.


Sylvia said…
It looks like they are having fun!
Unknown said…
Must have been a great trunkshow! So many quilts! Love to see a 25 years unfinished quit!!
Unknown said…
Nice post...I look forward to reading more, and getting a more active part in the talks here, whilst picking up some knowledge as well..

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