Prayer Flags

I had the opportunity to do a trunk show and teach about prayer flags at the Greater Salt Lake Quilt Guild Meeting this month.  The quilt I am holding is my first hand pieced, hand quilted piece made about 25 years ago.  It is yet to be finished.  Maybe someday I will feel the need.

I did a lot of applique before I discovered art quilting.

After the trunk show I told the ladies all about prayer quilts and then gave them each a flag to embroider.  Some of the flags had images I stamped on them from my hand carved stamps.  

These ladies are so talented!  
I encouraged them to hang the flags in their yard or give them to someone in need.


Sylvia said…
It looks like they are having fun!
Maartje Quilt said…
Must have been a great trunkshow! So many quilts! Love to see a 25 years unfinished quit!!
Imas Exports said…
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