Here Kitty Kitty

If you follow me on Instagram, you might notice I like cats.  I post a lot of video and photos of my two studio assistants: Mister and Keiko.

I can't do much without them being right in the middle of everything.

So I suppose it is only natural that I attempt to make a cat stamp.
Here is my attempt at creating a 3" square Keiko stamp:

The lower right shows the first attempt at the stamp.  I didn't quite like the scruffiness of all the fur lines so I carved them out.

And then finally refined the lines so that the bottom left is the final stamp.  I think I got her wonky eye, and ear down just right.  There is still room for improvement though.


Okio B Designs said…
I'm bookmarking this post. My 9 year old LOVES cats and he'll enjoy seeing your photos. =)


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