Polka Dots

Melanie Testa and Carol Soderlund have written a book, Playful Fabric Printing, which I am very excited to read next month.  I've ordered my copy and will pick it up when I go to Craft Napa in January.

In the meantime, I have been thinking (constantly) about Melly's polka dot fabric and decided I would carve a couple of stamps and try to make some of my own polka dotted fabric.

Carving my first polka dots - 4"x6"

Day 8 of Carve December - Lisa Chin

*Squeeeeeeee!*  Funny how sometimes the simple things can tickle my fancy.
Next I decided to try creating a stamp that would outline the dots.

Polka dot stamp - 4"x6"

*happy dance!*

Day 9 of Carve December - Lisa Chin

Next I will have to try stamping them in a repeat on fabric!


Lynda said…
Lisa, Love this simple pattern! Also, love you made an outline. You are so good!

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