Inspiration and Work

Sorry about the quietness here on the blog, it has been a very busy month filled with work, trips, illness and fun too, so I will do my best to catch up on what has been going on since I last posted.
I created two small free form pieced wall hangings.
This piece was for a show at the Bountiful Davis Art Center, and is created from pieces of my Cyan Dyed fabrics.  She will be returning home next week.

This piece still needs to be finished but will be entered into the "Threads of Resistance" show.  Keeping my fingers crossed that it will make it in the show.
 It is the first piece I have hand quilted in a very long time.

 The cats sure like it!

Just before the hubby and I went to take care of our grandson for a weekend I caught a nasty head cold.  I haven't been able to shake the stuffiness in my sinuses and have had quite a few bouts of dizziness leading to a visit to the ER, a follow up with the primary care doctor and now an upcoming visit with an ENT.  Hoping all goes well there and I can get back to normal!

The week after babytending, hubby and I took a trip to London and Paris.  It was fabulous!  The best parts for me (besides being with hubby) were seeing fabulous art in person!
I was especially thrilled to see Van Gogh!  
He takes my breath away.
There is nothing like being able to stand inches away from masterful art and see the brush strokes, and all of the colors used.

So Inspirational!

The worst part of the trip was my knees.
They hurt from all the stair climbing and walking making me need to stop and sit a LOT.  This was not so bad while in museums as it cause me to sit and ponder a lot more, but it did slow down our progress.  Thankfully, hubby was very understanding.
It also meant that I took a lot of bird portraits.

and I even found Ratatouille.  Hahaha

You should follow me on Instagram or Facebook if you would like to see more photos of my trip.

Once we returned home there was unpacking, washing, and jet lag to get over.
Spring had arrived while we were gone.
 Then came quilts to make. . . 
 . . .stamps to carve. . .

 . . .and attempts at class proposals.  
Not happy with this still, but it will all come together eventually!

 I'll leave you lastly with this piece of fantastic, wonderfulness from my friend, Anne Munoz!
Anne took a year to create this beautiful batik quilt for her daughter and new son-in law.
Anne inspires me on a regular basis!
What have you been up to while I was gone?
What do you think of the new format of the blog.
We'll see how long it stays.  Not sure I like it yet.


Lynda said…
Lisa, Love all that you are doing. You know I'm such a fan! Thanks for sharing your trip and all. I like your new format. I've been thinking for the last several months I'd like to change mine but just hadn't gotten around to even starting the process. Anyway, thanks for the update and inspiration for this Sunday morning.
Jeannie said…
I like the new format - clean and crisp. You make me feel like such a slug. LOL! I think about doing things, while you actually do the work! Thanks for the inspiration. I love the quilt your friend made. Wow! It is so beautiful. Okay, time to get up and do something. It's a new week and you've given me the kick in the rear I needed. I have so enjoyed your photos from your trip. Thanks for sharing them
Linda said…
Lovely and creative.
Dee Spillane said…
Such fabulous stamps and desihns. Your posting your adventures is so appreciated. I don’t always comment so I felt I needed to. So much talent
Gerrie said…
Awesomeness!! Congrats.

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