iPad Pro

My laptop has a few minor issues. It is still usable but a couple keys are worn off and it needs a new logic board because there is a speaker stuck in the headphone jack. Anyway, I decided to investigate a new one, or perhaps get an iPad or maybe a desktop, who knows. I wasn’t sure what I wanted. When I went in to the Apple store I was fortunate to meet Anna, an Apple associate, who also turns out to be a printmaker! We hit it off immediately and she understood my needs to create, blog and then share on social media. I explained how I loved my five year old MacBook Pro, it just had a couple small problems. After some chatting I decided to buy an iPad Pro and I am loving it, I especially like the program: Procreate. It took a little time to adjust to drawing on the slick screen but I think I am starting to get the hang of it,

I was having trouble drawing a straight line and so my friend told me to increase the "Streamline" settings on the pen I was using, and it helped immensely.

I'm looking forward to creating more drawings with my iPad.


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