New Directions - Reno, NV

On my way to a family reunion I stopped in Reno to visit with Carol Soderlund. 
After a tour of her lovely new home we went to the Wilber D. May Museum to see a beautiful fiber exhibit called New Directions with work from artists Joan Dyer, Denise Oyama Miller, Sandra Poteet, Lin Schiffner, Linda Waddle, and Martha Wolfe.
Carol and I in front of Martha Wolfe's Ritsurin pieces.

There were many beautiful pieces at the show.

Santa Cruz: Hydranga, a bojagi piece by Martha Wolfe especially spoke to me.
I love the multiple layers.
I feel like bojagi can't be fully appreciated in photos.

 Streaming by Joan Dyer.

Waves by Joan Dyer

 Ritsurin Koi by Martha Wolfe

Blue Bell by Martha Wolfe

I'm so glad I got to go to the exhibit in person. 
Art is so much better in person!


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