Wasatch Fiber Arts Class

What a crazy day!
Friday night before bed, my face and chest felt funny and itched a little bit. When I went to brush my teeth I saw that I was bright red. I looked like I had a sunburn. No idea what would have caused it. I went to bed and hoped it would be better in the morning. The next morning I was teaching in Ogden, about 45 minutes north of me. Next thing I know, it is 9:30 a.m.! I am late! I rushed to get dressed and noticed I was redder than the night before! I felt okay so I grabbed an apple and headed out the door. Thank goodness all my supplies were already packed in the car. I sped as fast as I could and arrived to class 15 minutes late! Good grief! What a way to make a great impression.
Anne Datko, from the Wasatch Fiber Arts group, started the class without me by having everyone introduce themselves. They were half way around when I arrived. Whew!
I'm not exactly sure what they all thought of my beet red skin, but they were some of the nicest people I have ever met.

The students did a great job of creating stamps.

 Lots of creative ideas all around.

 After such a crazy start, things went well and everyone had a great time.

My demo stamp.

Print of my demo stamp from the Gelli plate.

A Vienna Hot Dog of course!

After class, I went home, took two Benedryl and slept for 12 hours. After a little breakfast, I slept another 5 hours. My coloring seems to be back to normal, but I think I need to sleep another 10 hours.


Becky said…
Sounds like something that happened to my son. Hives...when they are bad it just looks like red skin. He itched terribly though, and had to have two injections at the ER to get it under control. You taking Benadryl was the right call...it is an allergic reaction to something. Glad you are better!

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