Are You Lonesome Tonight?

 The weather in Houston quickly went from shorts and flip flops to coats and flip flops. Yes, I wore flip flops my entire time in Houston. They are expensive flip flops and very comfy and my feet don't get cold so all was good.
 Next to friends, quilts of friends are a great reason to go to the Houston Quilt Show.
 Libby Williamson's tea bag quilts are just amazing!
The detail she puts in to each piece takes hours to see and enjoy.
This quilt is called, "Clan of Misfits."

 Her piece, "Breaking the Mold," for the Power of Women was equally wonderful. She journaled all across the fabric which represents her beautiful and strong daughter. The "batting" for this quilt is rope! She stitched between each piece of rope and left the ends out to fringe on the ends.
You really have to see this one up close to see how amazing it is. 

Jenny K Lyons had so many photographers trying to get her picture with her "Prairie Conversation" quilt she had to stop and take a photo of the photographers.

 And of course, it is also lovely to see my own quilt hanging in Houston! 
My quilt "Are You Lonesome Tonight" was a part of the Inspired by Elvis Exhibit.

Mom loved Elvis. We listened to his records, and watched all of his movies together from the time I was a tiny tot. I cannot think about Elvis and not think of my Mom. When Mom passed, the overhead radio at the hospital started play "Blue Christmas." We knew it was a sign from Mom.  The blue chairs are a nod to this song, but the song this quilt was truly inspired by is. . .

. . . "Are You Lonesome Tonight." As a teenager, I memorized the words. They spoke to my angsty lonesome heart. As a grown-up these words speak to me again, but this time as I miss my Mom. The chairs in the parlor are empty and bare now that she is gone. I chose three chairs, not only because they make a good design, but to represent a family. My family was me, my sister and my Mom. Although my sister is thankfully still with me, the chairs are empty since Mom has passed away, and many miles separate my sister and I. I look forward to the day when we can all be together again.


Lynda said…
Oh, Lisa, I love Libby's quilts! Thanks for sharing. But I also love your "Are you lonesome tonight?" quilt and the story behind it. So exciting that it was on exhibit there too.

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