Floral Stamps

After returning home, and working on getting caught up on the blog, emptying some of the suitcases, and sleeping a LOT, I had a new idea for some stamps based up the beautiful floral pieces from The Garden Wren. The pieces I carved while in Houston were for The Garden Wren but after looking at her work, I had to carve more for her. Fortunately she was all in.

 First there is always a drawing, and then a lot of carving.
 Keiko often feels the need to help me carve and I was grateful she decided to nap this day.

 Next I wanted to create something she could use across the bottom of bags, or cards.

But I couldn't stop there!

That was extremely satisfying.


Lynda said…
OMG Lisa! These are stunning!! I especially like the three flowers. Love, Love, Love!! You are so good at this.

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