Never Enough Pictures with Friends

The problem with going through my photos is realizing how many people I forgot to take photos of. It makes me very sad. But I'm grateful for the ones I did get. I really enjoy getting to visit with my friends in person while in Houston. If you are looking for photos of quilts, this isn't the post, just people here. Photos to remind me of the good times for those moments when I doubt myself.

First and foremost are my Mistyfuse buddies. 
Unfortunately Pat is missing, but these are the people I hung out with the most while in Houston.
Judy Tucker, me, Michelle Banton, Libby Williamson and Iris Karp.

 Teri Lucas and I had a great conversation about the future. She has helped inspire me to walk through some doors. Hopefully great stuff happens on the other side of those doors.

 Libby Williamson and I went out to Pearland to have dinner with our friend Judi Hurwitt. Really enjoyed seeing her and getting to see the art she is creating in her awesome studio. Grateful she has been able to work in her studio with all she has going on right now.

Funny how sometimes you have to go all the way across the country to meet one of your local friends! Suzanne Hyland and I don't live that far from each other in Utah. We used to see each other often in a painting class, and our quilt guild, but then life got in the way. I'm grateful I ran in to her and got to spend a few minutes visiting. 

 I know I posted this already, but I decided I needed all the friend pictures in one post!
Judy Gula, me, Melissa Marie Collins and Stephanie Brandenburg.
Judy Gula, me and Michelle Banton.

Me and the fabulous Cathrine Redford.
 Craft Napa does Houston.
Gina Reddin, Johanna Felberbaum, Michelle Banton, Libby Williamson and me,
all fan girling over Jenny K Lyons new book.

 I took a Pole Dancing Class with Cindy Lohbeck. She is a great teacher. So well prepared and knowledgeable. Take a class with her if you ever get a chance! I'll do another post about the class once I get my fabric dyed. Unfortunately I had to leave class early and my fabric is still sitting on the pole here in my studio.
It is always a delight to visit with Earamichia Brown!
She has the most amazing energy. I just love her.

I was thrilled to finally meet Sara and Colleen from the Social Justice Sewing Academy.
I will be volunteering with them more over the next few months. I am thrilled to do anything I can to help them out. I wish I could embroider faster. If you can hand embroider and would like to help teenagers express their feelings through fiber, then click here and volunteer to embroider a block or two and then send them back to be quilted and displayed. I really wish I lived in the Oakland, California area.

No idea what we found so amusing, but I love the genuine laughter in this photo.
Iris Karp, me, Sara and Colleen.

 Most of the time I find people by running in to them on the show floor.
Sue Bleiweiss, me and Kathy York
 And sometimes people find me. . .Libby!  LOL

 Found Deborah Boschert signing her book, Art Quilt Collage, in the C and T publishing booth. 
I really enjoyed reading it.

 Kristin Rodriguez came by to visit a few times. This woman is amazing! 
Have you seen the shop she and her Mom run called Fiber on a Whim
Beautiful dyed fabrics. Yummmmy! They also teach great classes.
 Kristin cracks me up.

 And then sometimes you start taking a photo with two people, and you get five
Kristin, me, Libby, Michelle Banton, Jenny Lyons.
 . . . and then you switch cameras, and . . .
 . . .well, it turns in to a party.
Iris came to join the party. We all get a bit giddy by the end of Market.
It was so nice to see Cyndi Souder of Moonlighting Quilts. I fell in love with her quilts more than 6 years ago and then had the opportunity to meet her in person when I went to DC.

I met Lulu Moonwood Murakami, and Janet Wilson in Portland at Art & Soul last February. 
It was so nice to see them in Houston and know that we will be able to connect again in Portland.

MJ Kinman is a delightful person. Her jewel quilts are divine, but more importantly she is just a genuinely nice person. I was excited to finally meet her in person.
MJ Kinman, me and Libby.

 Libby and I had a great time visiting with Lisa Walton, Martha Wolfe and Denise Burkitt at breakfast. I have a lot to learn from these talented ladies.

Libby, Denise, me, Martha and Lisa.
And then after all the peopling there is this, back at the Airbnb.
Oh the joy of being an introvert.


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