Quilts are what it's all About

Of course, without the quilts, there wouldn't be a Quilt Festival!
You can see all the beautiful winners by clicking here.
They are truly amazing quilts, and it is wonderful to see them up close and personal.
I thought I would share a few photos of the show floor and some of the quilts I thought were also amazing.  

 SAQA always has a beautiful exhibit of quilts. This year's theme was Dusk to Dawn.
Kristin La Flamme's quilt "Half Light Medallion" stood out to me.
 As I walked around someone asked me if medallions were a theme this year, because they were truly everywhere! "Cathedral Rose" by Michelle Bardwell was amazing! It was quilted on a stationary sewing machine, and was pieced, and hand and fused applique.

 "After the Last Sky" by Jennifer Bowker was stunning. I feel I have shared it already but cannot find the post so I'm including it here.
 We stood and listened to her tell the background of how she found the image online and then worked with the photographer to find the journalist in the photo. He had just seen one of his friends gunned down in the Rabaa Massacre, Eqypt, 2013. The quilt is a tribute to the victims and acknowledges the great risks journalists take to show us the truth.

 I had to get a close up of "Selfie" by Jill Kerttula
 I love what she did with the quilting.
 Jill was part of an exhibit called "Rising Stars." This one was called "Fleeting."

 And this is from her Urban series and is called "Sidewalk 1."
 I really enjoyed looking at her work up close to see all the texture. Go to her website to see more of her wonderful work!

There were so many inspiring pieces!


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