Lisa's Font Challenge

I'm challenging myself to get better at carving words and letters during Carve December. I feel like my word carving is terrible. I see so many flaws which I don't like. I always try to adopt the "hand of the artist" philosophy when it comes to my carving but I am having a difficult time when it comes to my word stamps. I feel I need to practice more, and perhaps be a little more forgiving to myself. We'll see which philosophy wins out at the end of December. I will post the stamps on my blog, and there may be extra stamps I will post only on my blog, however there may be some delays to posting here, so if you would like to see the stamps as I create them follow me on Instagram or my Facebook page. That was an odd way to say, follow me here on the blog, Instagram and Facebook!

I started out carving a lower case "b" for Day 2 of Carve December. I was really liking what I made, and then I messed up part of it and started carving away more and more until I didn't like the letter at all. I carved another "b" and it was just okay. I then carved a lower case "a" but I wasn't completely happy with it either. The line just didn't feel smooth enough.

And so I decided to carve a phrase. My friend, Judy, suggested I carve "groovy" and my head immediately went to Simon and Garfunkel's "Feelin' Groovy" and so I carved.

It's okay.
I still see so many flaws.
But it is the beginning of the month.
I have hope for smoother lines by the end of the month!
If you have any suggestions for phrases I can carve, please leave me a comment.


Bethany Garner said…
I personally love the VIBE of the Feelin' Groovy Stamp, and you did a terrific job! Prints are not meant to be perfect - otherwise a machine could have done it, and not the beautiful human being that DID!

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