Spiderman likes Half Square Triangles

This kid, my grandson, has loved Spiderman for at least half his life. He has many Spiderman costumes, masks, web sprayers, action figures, posters, bed spread, sheets, etc. etc. 

So it was about time I make him his own Spiderman quilt.
My friend, Sylvia, found this great Spiderman fabric a number of years ago and after I found  a Spiderman panel, I finally put it all to good use.
Have you ever tried the BlocLoc rulers for half-square triangles?
I first saw one of the rulers while teaching in Virginia Beach, and knew I needed one. Once it arrived though I wasn't using it correctly. I went to YouTube and found a very helpful video here. There is also a BlocLoc video online for left handers. 

My ever faithful helper, Mister.
After a false start and many delays, the quilt top finally came together and went off to the long arm quilter.


The backing is a wonderful black Spiderman flannel.
I love the square design Vicky used to quilt. It echoed the shapes of the high rise buildings in the fabric.

I ran out of Spiderman fabric, so fortunately I had some Avengers fabric which fit the bill and rounded out the quilt nicely.  I really like this video from Missouri Star on quilt binding.  I watch it often to remind myself how to make a great binding.

And there you go - a fun quilt for a great Spiderman!
He loved it!


Sylvia said…
This turned out great! I forgot all about that fabric.

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