100 Days of Trees - 22 to 29

It wasn't until much later in the challenge that I realized I drew two trees for Day 27 oops. I guess I will have 101 trees. 

Day 22 was inspired by a photo a friend posted on Instagram in New York City. Day 23 was my firtst attempt at a weeping willow tree. They are one of my favorite trees.  Another thing I love in trees is the bends and crooks they create, as you can see in Day 24, and 25.  Day 25 was inspired by my neighbor's tree which has this beautiful root that comes up out of the ground. It makes me think she is a lady lazily lounging in the grass. 

Day 22 - 29
Day 26 was inspired by a photo I found on the internet. I love the way vines look wound around trees. Some are symbiotic, and some are deadly. I'd like to think these two are helping each other out. 

My first Day 27 was inspired by a photo of tree growing in some sand. There were wonderful shadows coming through the foliage. I'm not sure I captured it all.

The second Day 27 is a Kokeraboom or Quiver Tree, which is actually a succulent. The crazy pointed leaves at the ends of those branches look a lot like an Aloe Vera plant because it is in the Aloe family.

Days 28 and 29 bring me back to the trees of my youth in the suburbs of Chicago, with no particular variety in mind. They could be almost any North American tree.


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