Ana Lisa Hedstrom

*I am attempting to catch up on my blog this month by posting everyday.
 I will be back dating the posts, but they will be done at least once a day through the month of December. 
Heber, Utah
The Utah Surface Design Group brought Ana Lisa Hedstrom in to teach Shibori dyeing. 
I was so excited for this class as I found out about the class just shortly after I purchased all of Ana Lisa's DVDs!

Ana Lisa wrapping a pole
 I learned a lot from the DVDs but there is nothing like taking a class in person. 
So many more tips and hints in person!

Pole Painting

Debbi Sigg, always having fun!

 We learned Arashi (aka - pole wrapping), as well as Itajime (fabric folding with wrapping and sewing).

After the first couple of days I started to feel off; Extra tired, and weak.
I stuck it out for another day or two, I can't recall now, but then decided it was the extra altitude that was getting to me. Sadly, I ended up missing the last day and a half of the retreat. I have signed up for another retreat up in Heber next year so I need to figure out some high altitude adjustments!


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