RIP Laptop

At the beginning of July my cat, Keiko, knocked my water bottle on to my laptop keyboard. I wiped up the water immediately but lost use of the "u" and "7" on my keyboard. Then a week later I came in to the studio to find she had thrown up on my closed computer. Some of the throw up managed to get in to the plug. After cleaning it up, the computer would start up but nothing showed on the screen. I chatted online with a very nice Apple tech, but nothing helped.

I suppose after 7 years, or maybe 8, she has lived a good life and deserves to be retired. Thank goodness I have an iPad with a keyboard that will get me through until a good sale comes up on a new lap or desk top. I use the iPad for traveling so perhaps a desktop is best. They are cheaper too! Unfortunately I won't be able to do everything on the iPad I can do on my laptop, but things could be so much worse!

UPDATE: I purchased a desktop in August and it is fabulous. A few months later I decided to see if the laptop would work, and she did! The two keys on the keyboard are still dead and after working on the desktop she feels very slow, but she makes a great edition to my studio for streaming shows.


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