100+ days of Pattern

On August 2, 2019, I started my second 100 day project. This one was 100 days of pattern. My initial idea was to use both old and new stamps to create these patterns, but life happens. 
Day 1 - 36 - all hand carved stamps
About day 45 I had to leave town and decided using iOrnament to create designs would be easier than dragging all my carving and printing materials with me. Can you tell where I stopped using hand carved stamps? There are a few days of stamps mixed in with the digital drawings. Most of the time I took the stamped images and used an app called Prisma to change up the colors. It would be difficult to print the stamps in these colorways without the app.

Day 37 - 72 - A mix of hand carved stamps and digital drawings.

Using iOrnament for so many days in a row really taught me more about the program. I amazed myself at what I could create. I really love this program.

Day 73 - 102 - mostly digital drawings, but a few stamps too.

I had a hard time stopping at day 100 and so went on for several more days. I like seeing all the patterns together like this. It creates it's own scrappy quilt look of it's own! However you can't really see the details in some of them. Here are a few close ups that I find interesting:
This block turns in to. . .
Can't draw a straight line for the life of me. Hand of the artist right?
. . .this pattern.

And this crazy block turns in to. . . 

. . .this pattern.

Pattern 102 comes from this block

 And this block turns in to. . . 
 . . .this pattern

So many of these patterns remind me of the patterns my Grandfather wore. My sister says they all look like good tie patterns. It's all a matter of perspective I guess. I agree with her about the ties though and I'm trying to find a place where I can get them printed on ties.

I did have some of my patterns printed at Spoonflower. I will write about them and show some photos in my next post.


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