The Days are Long But the Years are Short

I keep saying to myself that I am going to be better at keeping up with the blog. Sigh. 
This has been a very long month. Living in a pandemic is weird. 

I am fortunate. I know this. I have so much, however I am still in mourning for what was. This is my busy season and I had a lot of plans. Plans which had to be postponed or cancelled all together. These plans have been mourned. 

And despite these losses, I am so fortunate. My husband still has his job, and although he goes in to work everyday he does not come in to contact with the public. I know others do not have these privileges. I have a home, food, bed, and a pesky cat. I recognize these privileges, and am working each day to be busy and happy. Some days I am successful, and some days, well, not so much.

But that is okay. The 100 Day Project was starting at the beginning of the Stay at Home orders,  and I felt extremely stressed trying to come up with a project. I had several ideas, but couldn't pick which I wanted to do. In the end, I set the bar low, and I am glad to say, I have been 100% successful so far.

I've managed to sew some masks for family and friends. 

At first, mask making was very depressing. I had to put it aside for a bit. 
Once I did a little hand carving I felt better and was able to sew more masks.

 I carved a brood of chickens, as well as a duck and a sparrow. The duck and sparrow were supposed to be baby chickens but they had minds of their own and turned out to be a duck and a sparrow. Hahaha
Clucky on the left, and Chicky on the right.
While my daughter was searching for a project to keep herself busy, she found a couple of my UFO's, which I finished. Well one of them is finished, the other just needs a binding now.

Two years ago, I helped Ruth Chandler, in her Modern Hand Stitching class at Art and Soul Portland. In exchange for my help she gave me a kit for her class. I had finished all the pages of sample stitches, but needed to couch threads and ribbons between each page, add some dangly bits and stitch it all in to a book. 

 Finishing this project brought me a lot of joy.

Back of Star Quilt

The other UFO which is almost finished is a quilt I started at Craft Napa a couple of years ago. I will post more about it once I get the binding on. It was wonderful to finish the quilting on this piece.

Taking the time to blog about these projects makes me look like I accomplished a lot, especially when I consider I have other projects I did in addition to these projects. But the idealist in me says, "oh, but, what about all those hours you sat streaming shows, or going through social media. That is time you could have been doing so much more."
Those are moments when the realist in me says, 
"SHUT UP! Someone get the popcorn. You are awesome and we deserve a break."

I hope you all are staying well! Hang in there. 


Jane Babcock said…
So glad to see a new blog post from you. I enjoy them immensely.
Shasta Matova said…
I know how you feel. Before Corona, I too would feel like I should be able to get a full time job's worth of work that I did at home, but I was never able to. I guess I am a very lenient boss of myself. You have been very productive and both of your projects look great. I especially like the hand made book.
Jinnie said…
I love your 100 days project. It appears that I've been doing it withou knowing!
Lynda said…
Lisa, I know your feeling about the mask making. I was in the middle of my goal of 100 and just wanted to scream. I was angry that we had to make masks that should be provided, and sad for all those who live on the edge or have no home to shelter in. But I took a break, soldiered through and finished the goal. It really gave me a purpose in those early weeks of this crisis. You are getting a lot done. I'm excited for you about the thermofax screens on Jane's site. Love the fabric stitch book. So glad to see you blogging. Take care my friend. If you need to talk, I'm just at the other end of the line.
Kim said…
I just found you, and see I have lots to read. I am an eraser carver. But I have also found great delight these covid days in hand stitching, embroidery mostly. And pulling out my 319W and sewing.

I'm excited to have found your blog, as you do both sewing and carving. This will be a very fun read. Thank you!

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