A New Beginning

A number of months ago I went blog surfing and had a great time. Perhaps not as fun as water surfing (if I were in shape for it), but definately more fun than randomly surfing the internet. I started close to home at the blog of my boss, Nancy, at Whimsy Cottage and ended up half way around the world, but as the hour was late I decided it was time to come home and rest until I could find the time and energy to surf again. While on my journey I discovered many interesting things about people I have never met, as well as their families, animals and hobbies. I felt a bit like a peeping tom, or a stalker. But then I realized that I can't be a peeping tom when they are the ones exposing themselves to me and the entire internet. They are flashers, sharing little bits of their lives, and I was the happy victim. What a lovely image. Wow thats a lot of metaphors or similies or whatever it is that I forgot from English class.

Anyway, as I surfed I wondered about becoming a flasher myself. Exposing bits of my life to my friends and strangers alike. Should I display my deepest thoughts for others to read and dissect? Well. . . . Sure why not, I'll jump off the cliff with everybody else - well maybe not my deepest thoughts, not sure if I really have any of those, but I'll be a big girl and share with others. So here it is. I've taken the leap and we'll see what happens with a lot of nothing.


Sabeys said…
Yay! You've joined us. It's Meth, don't say I didn't warn you.
Lisa Chin said…
4:59 a.m.!! Sheesh I guess it keeps you from sleeping too!

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