A Clever Friend

Notice anything different? Thanks to my clever friend, Ali, I now have a beautiful blog! And also thanks to my clever friend I am learning how to beautify my blog all by myself. I feel so grown up. Keep your eye out and see what I can come up with thanks to my clever friends' tutoring.

My design wall is happy again. It has blocks on it to play with and isn't feeling lonely anymore. I decided to do a rail fence design for a baby quilt and didn't like the funky look I was getting at first and so I've finally decided to go with this stripy look. I love the look.
I've also been working on my machine quilting skills. They still need lots of work. It's difficult to see from faraway, but I know my mistakes. The quilting hasn't made the difference in the look I was hoping for. I like how I was able to put some trees in the background but I wonder if they are too much in the background. I just feel that something is missing. I seem to have that thought about a number of my projects. I do love the thread painting on the fairy's tree, that's my favorite part of this wall hanging.

I don't like how much purple paint I used. Those are my main lessons I've learned with this project. Now if I could just figure out why I'm not satisfied


Sabeys said…
Lisa, the quilting is so beyond me! I'm confounded! The blog background is so beautiful! It's so indicative of you!

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