I love the smell of dirt

I went to the farmer's market in Murray today with my neighbor and her cute doggie. He rides in a stroller and we receive lots of comments about what a cute baby she has. We take him in the stroller so we have something to carry some of the farmer goodness in! Today the poor baby was squished in the stroller with a couple watermelons and some corn. We did give him some of our samples of bread and some of the homemade tamale she bought to make up for the uncomfortableness. He was very content.

I bought some fresh corn and was very sad to hear that this is their last weekend at the farmers market. I considered buying more to freeze because the people at the stand were telling me how easy it was to do, but this is a crazy busy weekend and I didn't want to buy it and then have it go bad before I could put it up. This winter, I know I will be sorry I didn't do it because they sell the best corn and it's only $5 for a dozen ears. I bought a couple of seedless watermelons which were grown in the Green River area, and $5 each as well. The ones I've bought this summer were fabulous and we eat them as soon as I cut them up so I bought two this time. I bought a small container of raspberries which were grown in Alpine ($3), and I hope they taste as good as they look. I bought some plums ($2) that are really prunes which are my absolute favorite and I will probably be the only one to eat them! I also bought a 1/2 bushel box of apples which are a cross of a Jonathan and something else. They are soooooo crisp and have a nice bite to them. I just finished one and my mouth is still sticky from the juices. I'm going to make some apple butter with them. I can't wait to make it and then make some biscuits to put it on. Drooling. . .

Here is a picture of some of the treasures I bought today - actually the tomato on top behind the apples is from my garden. It looked beautiful too so I included it in the photo.

I also bought a HUGE bag of Spanish sweet onions which will be hanging out in the car port until they are gone. I hope the spiders don't decide to make a home in them!
As I pulled the corn out from the bag I had to keep smelling it because it is so FRESH and smells so wonderful!!! Kind of like nice soil, but greener. That sweet outdoorsy smell. I LOVE it. I know my family thinks I'm crazy too, but maybe someone who reads this will understand! I know my cats understand me. Bubba, my Maine Coonish cat, NEVER jumps up on the kitchen counters. I've often marvelled at that because he will jump on the table to get to the counter under the window where his food is, but NEVER on my kitchen counter, but today I discovered it was only because there was never anything there that he REALLY REALLY wanted. I took the beautiful photo of my market treasures and then came to the computer to upload the picture and look what I saw when I turned back around!!!!!

Yup, that's Bubbaboy ON THE KITCHEN COUNTER eating the greens of the corn!!! I shooed him off and scolded him, and then went back to the computer only to turn around and find him there again! This time I took pictures and then yelled at him to get off the counter. I even moved one ear over to his food bowl so he would chew on it there, but no, he went back to the one he was eating on the counter. That one must have tasted REALLY good. I'm glad the whole family will be able to enjoy my market treasures!


Dawn said…
Dear Dirt Lover,
I dreamt of your hanging onions last night. Weird.
Anyway, sure had fun at the market, and sad that its the last one.
Don't you love the rain?
neighbor with cute dog

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