Baking Time!

It was Saturday morning and we didn't have to run to any type of lesson or a volleyball game or a ballet lesson and it was glorious! Well we did have to run to pick up our fruits and veggies from the coop at 10 a.m. but that is a joyful errand - More on that later. My early riser daughter thought we should make something yummy for breakfast since we didn't have to run anywhere, and I agreed.

We went through the usual list: biscuits - oops sorry, no crisco; waffles - oops sorry, remember when we opened the waffle iron last time and someone had left a waffle in it and it was filled with green hairy mold - appetizing!; french toast - oops sorry, we are low on bread; how about muffins? Great idea! We have lots of frozen bananas that need to be used. So we pulled out all the ingredients, and I had the early riser grab her camera, which is my old camera, so that she could document the momentous morning. She's having a little trouble with keeping the camera still, but she's not too bad! Lots and lots of sugar with all those eggs and oil! Yummy.

And lots and lots of flour too.

Carefully measured into the cupcake papers. lol

And there you go! Yummy muffins with the fruit I picked up at the Co-op!
My neighbor and I discovered a coop here in town which has a large number of satellites throughout the valley. One of these is just 3 minutes away. The coop operates once a month. Their motto is to buy things locally as much as possible and then fill in with what they can't get locally. You can buy a full share which gives you 3 or 4 different meats, a selection of fruits and vegetables, one pound of rice, and a loaf of yummy wheat bread. A half share is the same except half as much stuff. A harvest share (my favorite) is only fruits and vegetables with a pound of rice and a loaf of yummy wheat bread. They also have an organic selection you can get from an organic farm here in the area. This month my harvest share was:
one bunch of yummy young asparagus
one bunch of great broccoli
5 oranges
5 kiwis
2 Utah tomatoes (which had seen better days unfortunately)
1 head of great butter leaf lettuce
5lbs of red potatoes (they smell great but haven't eaten any yet)
1 Avocado
6 bananas
one pound of brown rice
one loaf of Stone Ground whole wheat bread
I think that was all of it. I may have forgotten something. But $14 seems like a good deal for all that don't you think? Each month I debate whether I should have bought two harvest shares. . .still debating for next time.
I don't know about you, but this entry is making me hungry!


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