Happy New Year & Merry Christmas

Bubba would like to wish everyone a carefree and happy New Year.
He would also like to tell everyone about the lovely Christmas we had - even if the only present he got was a piece of ribbon!
Christmas this year was different and it was all because of a Bunny. The Easter Bunny to be specific. You see the Bunny was very careless this past Easter as he left some of the candy from the Easter Baskets in our cupboard. Silly rabbit. As a result we had a very traumatic Easter day, and now all the children aren't as naive as they once were. :(
Things were also different because my sister didn't arrive until 4 in the afternoon on Christmas day. We decided it would be best to wait until she arrived to open presents, and so after waking up late, we had a big breakfast followed by a day of game playing Risk.
This is the face my dear husband makes when he thinks he has done something very clever.
He makes me laugh!
Once my sister arrived we had a delicious turkey dinner
followed by some invigorating conversation.
However, my oldest daughter was anxious and reminded us that as interesting as politics is there were gifts to be opened!
I have NEVER seen EVERYONE help clean up like this before, nor have I seen Christmas dinner clean up so quickly! This might have to be a new tradition. :)

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care,
and the presents awaited all to soon be there!

We were all excited by the gifts we were given.

My sister loved the bag I made with pictures of her pretty puppy.

My dear husband loved the hat his son gave to him.

The twins love the PS2 and guitar hero that their brother passed on to them! As well as the Songstar game their sister gave them to use on it. Somehow I didn't get a good picture of my oldest daughter opening any of her great gifts. She'll tell you it's because she's the middle child.

Bubba wonders why I was excited to recieve a book about a cat when I already have two beautiful cats to cuddle and hold here at home.
My dear husband out did himself this year giving me some beautiful sapphire earrings which are too pretty to wear everyday. I guess we'll have to go somewhere fancy so I can wear them! He also bought me a new chair for my sewing machine - all without ANY promptings from me! My sister outdid herself as well giving me all of these GREAT quilting and surface design books, as well as some Shiva paint sticks I'm anxious to give a try. She went to the Dharma Trading Co store in CA to pick up a couple of the things and I was SO exicted she went to the actual store. Silly me.
The best part of Christmas was just being with my family, and enjoying their company. I hope your Christmas was just as enjoyable!


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