Sun Painting in Winter

The sun came out today and invited me to play. So I obliged the sun by experimenting with some sun paints I bought about a year ago.

I found a piece of fabric I had partially dyed during our Quilt guild's annual dye party and decided to paint over the white portions of the orange spotty fabric with some red and yellow. I forgot to take a picture of the fabric before I painted on the red and yellow. Oops.
After I painted on the colors, I laid some silk leaves on top
that I found in a half price bin at Target in October.

I then took the board outside, plopped it down on this broken chair and
let the sun get in on some of the fun.

It sat outside for about two hours before it was dry. Before it dried however, the wind decided it wanted to play too and blew off some of the leaves and I put them back on.

When I brought the fabric in, this is what I got. The color is fabulous!
However the leaf prints are very faint. Not as dark as I would have liked.

I outlined a couple of the leaf prints to show you that they really are there!
The leaves I used are made of thin silk and so I think they were too transparent. Next time I am going to use something a bit more opaque. I think I might try some metal washers.
I'm thinking that the circles would look awesome!
Maybe the sun will come out to play with me again tomorrow.


Anonymous said…
I'm going to need more posts in this vein to fully understand this phenomena. Terina

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