Flashback Fridays - Relations

My friend started a new feature on her blog (which she found on another blog) called Flashback Fridays. She is using it as an excuse to scan her old pictures onto her computer and blog about them. I think this is a great idea and I've decided I will copy their idea! This week I will be using some photos I already have on my computer, but each week my goal will be to scan at least two photos, and then after a year, I will have over 100 new photos scanned into my computer. Wahoo!

I will start this flashback with a photo of my dear husband and I celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary. It's hard to believe that was 5 years ago! I had a great time feeding the giraffes. I couldn't stop laughing! As you look at this picture I want you to notice one thing: my chin.

Got the image solidified in your mind?

Next is a picture of my sistah when we went to a Cub's game in 2003.

Look at her chin. Notice any resemblance?

Next we have a picture of my maternal grandmother from her retirement party, which I think was about 1982 or 83. Isn't she beautiful? I love the color of her hair. I hope my hair is this color when I go totally white, which seems to be happening faster each day!

And here are Grandma's sister, and her daughter.
I took this during one of my trips to West Virginia about 1995.
Can you tell we're related?


Anonymous said…
Wow! And Thanks! Seeing your Grandma brought me back to that teenage era of my life! Gosh, I remember her and in the picture she looks just how I remember her.
Made me sad as I really can't remember my grandma but I was only aboout 13 when she dies so It's been many years now. Then it also made me happy that my kids are lucky to have had both sets of grandparents live right acorss the street from each other.
Jane Babcock said…
I will have to spend some time here, getting ideas etc. I could even add you to my blog list if you don't mind, so it would be easier to keep up. Thank you for the encouragement to write on my blog. It would be a good place to be miscellaneous and poetic. You are welcome to visit my blog anytime.

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