Mister Man goes to Market

Actually Mister Man is about to fly through the mail system to Massachusetts, as well as through the internet to your screen.
Here he is:
Hopefully the photos I have posted here will give you an idea of the quilt. The quilt is only 12"x12" and was created using raw edge applique of mostly batik fabrics, followed by thread painting with Superior cotton and Sulky rayon threads, as well as extra highlights and shadowing from Paintstiks and colored pencils.
Here are a few closeups:
I think the red fruits on top are tomatoes. And the produce in the basket started out being heads of lettuce but because of their extreme size and the watermelon below, they kind of look like watermelons too, so we'll go with that.

This is a close up of the tomatoes. I thought I loaded a close up of the peaches at the bottom, but - well they look similar so you get the idea!

And a close up of Mister Man himself. He represents the grandpa's I always see at the farmers market. He casually peruses the stands, carefully looking over the produce before finally picking the freshest produce and haggeling for a killer deal.
I won't know if I am selected as a finalist until Friday, April 10th.
Until then keep your fingers crossed as I'm sure there will be some tough competition.


Jennilyn said…
You met the deadline for Paper-Rock-Scissors calendar! I am impressed--love it! The 12x12 format is intense quilting. Do they send it back to you if it isn't selected???? It is something I would buy, for the art of it! Nice work. Reminds me of grandpas I've never met...

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