Why didn't I take a picture?

. . . because the phone rang and woke me up at 5:25 a.m.
. . . and I am cranky when the phone wakes me up
. . . and I was in shock to hear my husband say, "What?! Fire?!"
. . . and I jumped out of bed and stubbed my toe to get to the window
. . . and I was amazed at what an SUV on fire really looks like
. . . and the fire was really Big and amazing
. . . and there were sparks, and popping noises
. . . and I was hoping no one was inside the car
. . . and I was glad the fire was in the Church parking lot across the street away from houses
. . . and I didn't want to miss one minute of what was going on because I'm nosy
. . . And okay I'll admit it, because I was just too dumb to even think of a camera until after the news crews left and I knew they hadn't been able to get any good shots of the car on fire because the fire was out by the time they arrived a half hour later. Slow Pokes! And now I can't find out why the SUV was on fire because the slow news people haven't broadcast anything about the fire because they don't have a great shot of the fire to put on the news.
Silly news people must think other stories are more important.


Anonymous said…
This is funny to me for I have been there too! No, it was not a car fire but as I go back and fourth to work, I pass these woods and I see a lot of deer! Yup, it's a big deal to a city girl like me! Anyway as I watch them from my car, I always think, next time I am going to have to bring my camera with me. And to this day, I still have not brought my camera with me!
Terina Dee said…
Ha! This is so funny! Couldn't you ask them ro recreate it to get the shot? I made the brats squeeze back into their costumes so I could redo Halloween in April!

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