Christmas past and more past

Christmas Past
Mamaw, my darling husband, Me, J and Mom (oh and Babycakes the cat)
Lets see how we can tell it's the 80's in this photo: Look at the very large lenses on every one's glasses, the stonewashed jeans, my curly hair style, my wild shirt phase and of course the fact that it was J's first Christmas and he is now 22.
Here is Sistah looking hot and skinny.
And my loving mother spoiled us this year with our very first VCR!
I can trace many things back to this first VCR, namely my darling husbands aversion to electronics, and J's addiction to watching movies over and over. My darling husband left me to figure out how to hook up this first VCR while he was busy with school, and the pattern has continued. Every new electronic gadget we receive is my responsibility, and he feigns ignorance, kind of like my ignorance of how to clean an oven - we could do it if we took the time to figure it out but why bother when our spouse will do it.
As a child J loved watching movies over and over until he had them memorized. J is now working as a movie critic for a website. He is sent DVDs in the mail, he writes up a review on the website and he is then paid by being allowed to keep the DVDs. He sells most of them back to a local shop and then uses the money to buy the movies and video games he really wants. He loves the job until he is required to review a movie like "High School Musical 3" and then he wants to die before the movie is over.
And now for
Christmas More Past
Mamaw was 41 and my Mom was a sassy 13.
There is a picture of my Uncle, who was off in the Air Force, in the background.
It is hard for me to think of Mamaw being that young at one time because she was always Grandma or Mamaw and she was always old despite the fact that she told me on a regular basis that she didn't feel any older than 16. I now know exactly what she means.
How old do you feel?


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