Following Along. . .

I decided to be a follower. This isn't something new really, I follow a lot. . .my children, my husband, my cats, magazines, blogs, facebook, twitter. Perhaps I should lead a bit more, but for now I am content to follow and play. My latest following is of Video Prompts from artist/author Melanie Testa over at Quilting Arts Magazine/TV/website. Melanie wrote a book called Inspired to Quilt: Creative Experiments in Art Quilt Imagery. In her blog, Melanie, has asked her readers to come and play along with the ideas she explores in her new book. Our first play prompt is to doodle and then based upon those doodles, make a craft foam stamp and a glue stamp. I have doodled:
And based upon these doodles I am making stamps.
I decided to use some foam stickers I have left over from another project for my first stamp.
Aren't they the cutest little things?
But I'm only going to use the egg shaped stickers.
I found a wood flooring sample at home depot and decided it would be a perfect base for my stamp.
My next challenge was to find a piece of fabric and some paints that would coordinate.
I decided upon this lovely piece of hand dyed cotton I created at our annual Dye Party last July. Or it could be from the year before that - it's too long ago to remember.
My paint choices were limited to what I had on hand as it was 10:12 p.m. when I started this project, and all the craft stores are closed at this hour of night.
I decided upon the Ivy Green (5th bottle from the right) and added some of this wonderful Fabric Medium to the acrylic paint so that the paint would not be stiff on the fabric.
After applying the paint to the stamp with a foam brush, I pressed the stamp onto the fabric and Viola!
Oops, I used a little too much paint the first time around.
But it's all a learning process and I am pleased with the results.

Now I just need to figure out how to make a stamp using glue!


Anonymous said…
You are so good, always trying our new things!! It looks like so much fun =] =] =]
What doodle will you try next??
yikes, since the hot glue is hard to control making lines etc! why not use 3d paint to make your stamps? It may not "stick" to stamp base as well as glue. not sure or better yet a caulk of some sort?? I've never tried either!? just a thought.

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