More Photo Booth Photos

I want to know why my Mom didn't make me take my hat off. . .
Hat hair perhaps?
Yes, best that the hat was left on.
I probably had a classic Einstein do under there.
Althought it was a pretty groovy brown and white hat, and so it is very possible that I insisted on wearing the hat to preserve it's memory for all eternity. . .
I'm sure that is why I am wearing the hat.

Here is the Lisa shot.
Lisa Kay and Lisa Marie.
My Mom used our middle names when Lisa came over to play.
I remember dancing in her attic
singing "The Night Chicago Died" at the top of our lungs.
Ah, good times.
But then she moved and we lost touch. Very sad.
Does she look familiar to anyone?

And finally the best photo of all. . . the classic,
"Blinked at the flash shot."

What would a photo booth be without at least one of these?!

A last minute addition.
I took my two youngest to an amusement park on Saturday
we found a photobooth!

However the cost of the photos were $5 each, and I felt too impoverished to spend that kind of money on such a long lasting memory, so I made our own memory. I sat them in the booth and took photos with MY camera. Then this evening I photoshopped the pictures to look like they were taken by the photobooth. And if I hadn't told you that story you probably would have never know the difference.
But that's just how I am. . .


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