Now What

This morning as my college-graduate-son got ready for work he asked the question I have been asking myself, "What are you going to do now?"
He also proceeded to tell me how old I am as my children are all so grown up. Babies in junior high apparently makes me "very old." I don't feel old mentally, physically is another matter.

I informed my son that I was going to quilt. His eyes said "And. . ." And maybe I'll clean the house and spend my time praying that I don't need to get a "real" job yet. My job of raising babies may be done for 7 hours/5 days a week right now but once everyone hits the front door there is no rest for this Mama.


My husband has asked me what I'll do all day when all of our kids are in school and I replied quite similar.
Jane Babcock said…
One of the nicest things about having a family grow up is that the mom finally gets to the point where she has choices. When kids are little the demands make the schedule. You've earned this time in your life. The demands are still there, but they happen on a different schedule. You need the daytime hours to be able to do what is important to you plus all of the stuff they still expect of you. It won't all fit into "after work".
Lisa Chin said…
Thank you Jane for your words of wisdom. I will share them with my husband who tries to be very supportive but I think he wonders what I do all day sometimes. Honestly there are days I WONDER what I do all day, but I suppose those are days I just need to chill and collect myself.

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