Quilt Revealed

I love when I finish a homemade Christmas gift. . .
and there is nothing like finishing a gift just 15 minutes before you are scheduled to give it!  Wahoo!
Such was the case today with a quilt I made for our good friends who happen to also be our neighbors.
Elmo enjoyed his new toy - not handmade but enjoyable all the same.

And Dawn and Marco loved their quilt.

I forgot to get a close up of the quilting.
There are leaves quilted in the white portions.

And the back is a Kaffe print that I love.

When asked what they did to help Mom with the quilt my daughters responded truthfully. . .
"We stayed out of her way."
And now that the sewing is done it's time to bake!


Jennilyn said…
Love it! Quilt turned out fantastic! My kids have that same "helping" answer!

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