Long story short:
I finished piecing the tops of two UFO's today and now get to pass them on to someone else to quilt.
And even though the photos make them look the same size the Butterfly quilt is actually about 1/3rd smaller than the funky colored quilt.
And actually I belive I had my daughter holding this one upsidedown.

So short story long:
January 2009 I became president of my quilt group.  One of the duties of the president is to find someone to be in charge of helping the group make a quilt which is then donated to the Presbyterian church where we hold our day meetings.  The quilt is our donation to the church in exchange for the weekly meeting space.    The story of how the person came to be in charge is . . . complicated. . . and not exactly what she had in mind. . . but she ended up handing out pieces of a very pretty batik (the predominate color in the butterflies) and asked the members to make 8 1/2" unfinished blocks using the batik fabric and then turn the blocks in in August. 
Many beautiful blocks were turned in at our August meeting however nothing more was done.  Near the end of my term I asked about the organizer about the blocks and asked her to bring them to me, which she did. With the design help of the members present at one of our morning meetings I stitched the blocks together into two quilt tops. 
The butterfly quilt is actually very hot off the ironing board!
And now that the tops are together and the backing fabrics are purchased I can take them with me to our meeting tonight and hand them off to a machine quilter for finishing. Whew!
I hope the machine quilters in our group will have the time to finish them up quick so I can cross these UFO's totally off my "To-Do" List.


Jennilyn said…
I love how batiks have a life of their own! Good job on getting this off your list! Today is a good sewing day-snowed-in day here. They even cancelled stake conference (word from SLC) since it was going to be one of the broadcasted for the whole region plus, and we are all seriously snowed. I'm rambling...LOVE your quilts! Wish I could talk to you more about our respective "Love" quilts!

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