A Winner!

Thank you to everyone for your kind comments.  I am overwhelmed by the number of responses I received.  I received lots of fabulous ideas for summer fun and I hope to impliment most of them. =D
Thank you!
I am also so touched that the random generator chose number #35
as the winner of this happy garland and Garland Galore Pattern
and you probably will be too once you read it.
Congratulations to Beth
Beth said...

Cute giveaway! That red,white,and blue one would be perfect for when my brother comes home from Afganistan in July!

I've had a number of friends serve in Afganistan and Iraq and I'm honored to have my garland welcome one of  the troops home.  Congratulations Beth!  Please email me your address at:  something_clever at msn dot com and I will mail out your garland and pattern on Monday.

Thanks again everyone for playing along!
I hope you will all stop by again soon for more sewing, patterns, crafts, gardening and whatever else I can cook up in my wee little brain.


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